AWS Onboarding Event October 2022

Customer discovery canvas Empathize Somersault Innovation Empathize Create a shared understanding of customer aspirations and priorities to identify opportunities and determine next steps. Check-in with images Icebreaker Launchlabs Icebreaker This template will help you to get to know each team member better and creates a more relaxed atmosphere due to its gamification character.

In view of this loss in ice area, the pack remained under active compression, with new linear kinematic features visible in the MODIS image acquired on 2 January 2014 (Fig. 1). However, there were no open-water leads identified in the image, due to insufficient resolution in the MODIS image. At this stage, the wind blew consistently from the east, leading to sea-ice compaction and accumulation, resulting in sea-ice buckling and ridging. The surface temperature stayed low at ∼-2°C, so little melt took place.

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Generative relationships star Empathize Voltage Control Empathize Uncover ways the team can improve by understanding their shared patterns of interaction. Facebook storyboarding Brainstorm Facebook Brainstorm Storyboards are a great way for team members to visually show or brainstorm current vs. future experiences through sketches. Empathy map canvas Empathize XPLANE Empathize Develop a deep, shared understanding and empathy for your users. Deep customer empathy Empathize Intuit Empathize Create shared understanding, insight, and motivation to improve the lives of customers.

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Shear zones were derived from the velocity gradient between the faster outer pack ice compared to the slower older sea ice, closer to the fast ice. Shear-induced ice deformation was the likely cause of linear patches of rough ice close to the shear zone. Overview of the region of interest based on a MODIS image from 2 January 2014, showing the positions of both entrapped vessels (red dots; vessel call signs are annotated).

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Fit-to-standard Plan SAP Plan Capture all configuration items and integrations needed for a solution through a virtual workshop. Expectations workshop Plan Plan Map the expectations your team has for each of its members to gain clarity around who is responsible for different aspects of a project. Customer insights Understand IDEO U Understand In this activity, you will ground yourself and your team in the needs of the people you are creating for through careful observation. Customer employee journey map Empathize Empathize Unite customer and employee experiences through this journey map to identify and prioritize areas of focus. Critical uncertainties Plan Voltage Control Plan When we are launching a new project and want to explore potential strategies and build capacity to respond quickly to future challenges. Creativity Brainstorm Dr. CJ Meadows and Dr. Charvi Parikh Brainstorm This template prompts you to choose a situation and consider it six different ways.

The diplomatic note also re-asserted British sovereignty over the islands. Complement313ARA Almirante Irízar is a large icebreaker of the Argentine Navy.

The official remote design sprint

When you can get the other person talking, the pressure is off of you, and all you need to do is be an active listener. They might forget the words you say, but a warm smile might just be the best icebreaker there is. I don’t see any available yet for the 2022 agenda, but I expect there to be a few of them. This is a great learning event, usually half a day, where you compete as a team supported by mainly AWS Solution Architects. You can attend with no experience at all in the topic, don’t expect to finish number one but expect to have fun and learn a lot. You can come alone, the organizers will put you in a team (really, you’re in good hands).

  • Networking event, meeting the new neighbors at the BBQ or a team-building exercise are all situations where you will meet people you don’t know.
  • Create awesome solutions that customers, employees, and partners will love.
  • OKR planning Plan Atlassian Plan Objectives and key results is a goal-setting methodology used by teams and individuals to set challenging, ambitious goals with measurable results.
  • DSP Icebreaker – Adding white noise to signals, the proper way.
  • You could create conditions that are relevant to your line of business or unrelated situations that stimulate problem solving and teamwork.

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