Mechanical Cleaning


The Premier Transfer System (PTS) is one of the most powerful units on the market and is used mainly in the activities of removing large volumes of waste with a high specific weight and great vertical depths. Extreme and confined environments that include FPSO slop and oil cargo tanks.

All of our equipment has a high transfer capacity that reduces the project time. By reducing the need for man / hours in activities, our technology promotes the reduction of people on board (POB);

Our entire process promotes a safer work environment that increases the HSE performance of our clients;
This closed removal and transfer system considerably reduces the risk of environmental accidents;

Using air flow transport techniques, PTS can efficiently transfer a wide variety of residues (oily sand, paraffinic oil sludge, calcium naphthenate, drilling mud, etc.) from depths up to 55 m directly to containers of waste, ready for shipping to the coast.

The waste is removed and transferred in its raw state, with no need for water or any other product to fluidize it.


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