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And in contrast, if your software targets the younger population, there is no need to go the extra mile to make it senior-friendly. Augmented reality has had a profound impact on the healthcare sector, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. Here are some ideas of how you can enhance your healthcare application by implementing AR. AI has many benefits for the healthcare field in general and for mHealth apps in particular. It would cost you between $50,000 and $200,000 to develop a custom telehealth app. Some scheduling apps allow patients to send relevant information from their medical history to doctors upon request.

Healthcare software development costs

Arkenea is the only healthcare software development company that is 100% dedicated to the industry, in its category. The cost of software development also depends on the tools and technologies you use. Therefore, it’s crucial to invest in the ones that will help streamline the process, improve communication, and facilitate collaboration.

What is Healthcare Software Development?

As the application develops and scales, the cloud supports high traffic. Thus, healthcare organizations receive not only savings but also the necessary flexibility. Finally, software developers must ensure that their solutions meet all relevant regulatory standards and adhere to privacy and security protocols.

Sometimes negotiations for a complex project for, let’s say medical app development takes more time but be sure, we are just as excited about making it quick as you are. Just about any piece of customized healthcare software solution that addresses your particular need can be built by our specialists. We have both front- and back-end specialists, as well as full-stack software developers with 10+ years of experience in the yield of healthcare in our teams.

Our Experience in Medical Software Development

Our healthcare technology consultant uses emerging technologies such as AI and ML to help healthcare agencies automate various tasks like smart billing, adaptive staffing and enhanced patient care. Have an idea for healthcare software development that you are looking to transform into reality? With over a decade of specialized experience working in healthcare, Arkenea is a brand trusted by healthcare entrepreneurs and established healthcare organizations alike. Digital technologies are helping healthcare organizations to optimize their staff management and provide a better quality of patient care with healthcare software.

Additionally, healthcare software applications often require regulatory compliance and data privacy considerations. The development team may include software developers, healthcare professionals, project management personnel, and other specialists. The NineHertz is an award winning custom Healthcare software development company providing scalable and secure software solutions to improve your technology infrastructure. Invest in a cutting edge medical software company that builds robust enterprise level medical applications and highly functional medical software development services. Results and ROI can be even better if custom healthcare software meets the needs of a medical organization as precisely as possible.

Our telemedicine software development capabilities range from developing general telemedicine software to specialized apps for teledentistry, telepsychiatry and teletriage. Our EHR development services focuses on developing an interoperable software that streamlines management of patient records. 10+ years of experience as a 100% dedicated custom healthcare software development company, developing HIPAA-compliant web and mobile applications for clients.

A few of the complex screen design elements are multi-page forms, multiple mega-dropdowns, infinite scroll, authentication UX, and privacy UX. Integrating these features adds up the cost of software development. To develop the solution, our client hired full-time developers to finish the project within a short duration. Check out this case study to know how full-time developers created a custom software solution.

Healthcare software development costs

Research shows that the number of health apps integrating with EHR systems increased by 20% during 2020 alone. The most popular integration platform was Epic App Orchard, which saw a spike of 43%. This will add $4,000 on average to your medical app development costs. As some people tend to confuse mHealth apps with fitness and wellness software, we want to draw the line between these solutions.

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So, designing a complex UI/UX leads to more time so does the cost of your software development. Look for agencies and businesses that can help you with your requirements and demands. This will save you a few bucks as well as the time and effort of looking for a new agency. As a result, it’s critical to think about a few things before hiring an outsourcing team. The development of brand-new solutions improves medical information tech and ensures the constant development of knowledge of patients and doctors. Our company develops AI-driven healthcare solutions for multiple use cases from early symptom detection to accurate disease diagnosis, patient flow optimization, and more.

Are required and this software development is time-consuming and more complex. The factors like architecture, multiple integration, and security contribute to the complexity of this software. Healthcare Software Design – Arkenea’s experienced UX/UI designers map the user journeys and design clickable wireframes and interactive prototypes before the actual development and coding begins. Development of a scalable product designed with your business objectives in mind allows for a digital transformation among your healthcare business that directly boosts your business bottom line. We’re consistently featured in top business and healthcare publications and trade magazines for our opinions about the healthcare industry and technology space.

  • Our custom hospital management systems cover all administrative, clinical, support, and financial functions needed for hassle-free coordination of doctors and patients.
  • Remote delivery of clinical services helps medical organizations improve the efficiency and accessibility of healthcare.
  • The key considerations are features, the location of the software developers you hire, the experience of developers, and the complexity of your software.
  • The “low-risk” healthcare technology products (remote communication with doctors, healthy lifestyle, etc.) belong to medical software only conditionally in such a context.
  • Another subtype belongs to less-specialized “consumer” software that can help users determine one or another disease via certain symptoms.

High-end software solutions development that integrate seamlessly with your workflow. Our specialists implement access level control to prevent misuse of your healthcare application. With this feature, each employee within your organization will get access only to those parts and functions of the application that are necessary to perform their job. We enable automatic backup functionality for your healthcare solution to prevent data losses or corruption. This functionality allows you to transfer encrypted copies of your application and securely store them on a separate server.

Since our medical software will be designed specifically for your clinic or medical practice, you’ll be able to provide your clients with outstanding care. We influence million of users and is the medical app development most authentic source of information on healthcare business and technology news. Why develop a medical application from scratch when cheaper commercial programs are available on the market?

Why Choose The NineHertz Among Other Healthcare Software Development Companies India?

We have a preexisting team of dedicated developers who have already collaborated on projects to deliver better results effectively. The software development costs also vary based on the geographical location. You can keep the costs in check without compromising on the development quality if you choose an offshore development team. Since the average salaries are lower, you get the most value for your money.

This is because if you have adequate funds to develop a project, then you can find a vendor that can blow it up for you. Arkenea pioneers in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning in healthcare. Novo Nordisk, a Fortune 500, medical software development engagement began for one country operation and we scaled to 4 more country operations, developing several iPad applications. RubyGarage is a team with over 9 years of software development experience in the healthcare industry. Our more than 150 in-house specialists follow CISQ standards to build reliable, maintainable, secure, and efficient software.

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The significant roles in this stage are customers, sales representatives, and business analysts. The outcome of this stage would be the understanding of clients’ needs, basic project road map, and technical recommendations required for the project. The development cost of creating feature-rich financial and banking applications for Android/iOS with complex UI will reach around US$70, ,000. The cost of building a top-notch banking application with advanced features ranges from US$40,000 to US$70,000. As a full-stack Blockchain development company we incorporate blockchain ledger technology that facilitates the secure access to patient records.

The third stage of the SDLC cycle is designed where the creation of basic system architecture and visual design is performed. The whole process is put in implementation by the development team comprising architects, project managers, and UI & UX experts. The development team makes sure to draft the complete system architecture and the final design of the product. At this stage of software development, one can easily calculate and answer how much does software development cost. Your business continues to grow, so you need software that will grow with it.

Enterprise Resource Planning Software

Our team analyzes the data your app collects and processes and the region where the app will be used to define and follow requirements imposed by regulations like HIPAA, PIPEDA, GDPR, and the FDA. Chat is one more convenient communication channel for healthcare specialists and their patients. Advanced messaging functionality allows users to exchange messages and files privately or in groups. Chatting is possible during a video conversation as well as outside of it. Clinix is a platform where patients can access top-notch medical consultations without needing to wait in line. It allows patients to consult certified doctors and helps doctors manage their appointments and patients’ medical records online.

Our team keeps the users in mind every step of the way, whether they’re patients or healthcare professionals. We’ll create a user experience that is efficient and user friendly, while still providing a sleek and pleasing design. Throughout this process, we create high-fidelity designs that allow our clients to fully experience the look and feel of the software before we commit to building it. Improve patient satisfaction and improve workplace efficiency with practice management software. Automate administrative tasks, improve appointment management, easily access patient information, and more. Hire a healthcare IT consultant for your all healthcare custom software development solutions.


This estimation doesn’t require lots of time and the vendors can offer you the same in 2-3 business days. Specifications- Other than the features and the designs, if you have any specifications about the software then you can share it with vendors. App Design-Application designs in general include the basic ideas for layouts that you are willing to have in your project. Features List-It is convenient and helpful in the long run to have a features list of your application.

Because of our experience and expertise working with many different technologies, our teams can ramp up and begin development quickly. There’s minimal ramp up time needed to use your existing code base–our developers are ready to dive in. Attractive UI, trusted payment gateway, smooth user experience, easy handling, etc factors make online beauty shopping easy and convenient. From point of sale to back office, we design scalable Pharmacy Management Software Solutions to streamline operations and improve patient outcomes.