Offshore Projects Management – how to use this tool to generate new opportunities

Why Project Management is important?

Services performed on offshore platforms demand attention in many details, always aiming to minimize deadline impacts, cost and maintaining the quality and safety of activities.

A successful project requires a lot of planning and a good manager to lead the team and tasks according to the stipulated schedule and objectives. That said, it is essential to have management with well-defined methodologies to transform strategies into positive results.

Outcomes generated through data analysis

Daily, it is generated a data volume about executed activities on vessels which, when correctly analyzed, result on valuable inputs for the operation.

It is essencial that offshore services companies have an area focused on studying each project data, as this will impact on points such as: cost reduction, risk control, quality control, team growth productivity and, therefore, it will resulto on decisiong making improvement. 

As once said by the mathematician Clive Humbly, “Data are the new oil” and oil and gas market must keep up with digital transformation and use technology to its advantage to optmize earnings. 

End-to-end solutions

Project management area is essencial to generate value on performed services, understanding the gaps and improvements that need to be made and creating opportunities for offshore segment. 

One of AES Union differentials was scnanning costumer’s needs and be able to deliver a complete solution, attending different services and facilitating operation with a multidisciplinary team, focused on assets management and relaibilty. 

With high end technologies the company has developed a methodology that requires less manpower and a shorter deadline for tasks execution, providing smart cleaning and engineering solutions.